Team Australia

Scott Baker

From: Mornington, Vic

Age: 39

Worlds Experience: 2011, 2012

Scott is the current Hobie Fishing World Champion winning the title in a closely contested event in 2011. He also holds the Australian ABT Hobie Kayak Record for biggest bream: 1.78kg caught in Marlo, in 2010.

Scott started fishing when he was 5 years old with his dad targeting freshwater fish. His first cast was with a rod he took from his dad's boat and cast a celtar lure and landed his first fish. This set the hook literally. Having grandparents who lived on the Gippsland Lakes, he chased bream with bait for 6 out of 7 days a week for 20 years. All of Scott's school holidays and spare time was dedicated to chasing this wonderful species. When he got older fishing became the reason for a sea change and he spent most of his spare time chasing snapper and bream on artificial lures.

Kayak fishing kind of started for Scott by accident. Given a kayak to spear fish with, he thought, "Why don't I try fishing out of this thing?" That was over 9 years ago now. A dedicated bream angler, he has competed in the Australian Hobie Kayak series from its inception. Scott has rarely missed an event in Australia over the past four seasons.

Scott competed in the 1st Daiwa Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championships in Port Macquarie NSW Australia in 2011. He snared a full bag totalling 1.81kg on day one of the championship on the Camden Haven River and was sitting 190 grams behind day one leader Jose Chavez (USA). On day two when the tournament moved to the Hastings River Scott dragged in two legal fish and had the third highest total of the day and moved into first place in the world championship standings. At the close of day three and with only one fish in his Hobie livewell Scott wasn’t confident of holding his lead at the final weigh-in. When his fish was weighed it was all he needed and to his relief and excitement Scott won the inaugural Daiwa Hobie Fishing World Championship by a mere 60 grams.

He also partnered Greg Lewis (AUS) to win the 1st Daiwa Hobie Fishing Teams World Championship title. With two titles from two in the first year of the championship Scott has set the standard for all to follow.


Josh Carpenter

From: St Georges Basin, NSW

AGE: 35

Worlds Experience: 2012

Josh was born in the USA and moved to Australia when he was 4. Like most anglers his father introduced him to fishing and every summer holidays was a time spent in his grandfather’s shabby old boat fishing for Whiting on the north coast of New South Wales.

From there he was always that kid looking for the next big challenge to catch fish. Catching fish on lures and flies was the big transition in his fishing through his teens and from there he never looked back. Being a duel citizen Josh spent nearly 6 years living and working in the US and has caught a few Largemouth Bass in his time and he is looking forward to going at it in a tournament setting this time round.

This will be Josh’s first world fishing championship but he is a regular competitor in Australian tournaments. Josh qualified for the worlds by finishing second in the third world championship qualifying round (on St Georges Basin) of the Daiwa Hobie Kayak Fishing Bream Series held throughout Australia during 2012.


Justin Dingwall

From: Sale, Victoria

Age: 21

Worlds Experience: 2012

Justin started fishing at a young age. Growing up and living in Sale all his life Justin is never far from most rivers in the Victorian, Gippsland region. He didn’t start lure fishing until he was at least 15, and once he had caught his first fish (Bream) on a lure he was also hooked. Justin mainly concentrated on land based fishing, where he could commonly be seen walking along jetties and banks where it all started for him.

Once Justin bought himself his first kayak he was blown away with kayak fishing and has always wondered since why he hadn’t discovered the pleasures of kayak fishing earlier as now it is absolute passion.

Justin had a stunning entry into competitive kayak fishing when he competed in his first Hobie Kayak Fishing Series an ABT event in 2012 at Marlo in Victoria. Justin blew himself and other regular tournament anglers away, by taking out the major honours in the world championship qualifying tournament in his first ever event.

He found himself representing Australia and on his way to Texas to compete in the 2nd Hobie Fishing World Championships. Justin is now hoping to keep competing in the upcoming Hobie events and to be a major player in the Australian tournament fishing scene.


Steve Fields

From: Sanctuary Point, NSW

Age: 57

Worlds Experience: 2011, 2012

Steve started fishing at an early age in Florida (USA) for Large and Small Mouth Bass, as well as, other fresh water fish. A former Hobie Catamaran World Champion and Australian National Catamaran Champion in multiple class's, Steve has now turned his hands back to his original love, fishing.

He now gets a thrill out of kayak fishing and finds fishing in Hobie's kayak events a real blast. Steve says "If you haven't tried competing in these events then why not give them a go?" He is currently the Managing Director of Hobie Cat Australasia which is based in Huskisson on the New South Wales south coast and is a great supporter of kayak fishing events in Australia.

The concept of the Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championships was conceived by Steve. He organised and competed in the 1st Daiwa Hobie Fishing World Championship in Port Macquarie NSW Australia in 2011. After a full bag on day one of the world’s tournament and holding down third place he couldn’t pick up a legal fish when the competition moved to the second waterway and ended up finishing mid field in 11th place. Steves’ experience growing up in the US chasing Bass could give him the edge over other Aussie team members and make him a serious contender in the tournament.


Dave Hedge

From: Woy Woy, NSW

Age: 38

Worlds Experience: 2012

David started fishing at an early age with his father in Sydney Harbour, Broken Bay and offshore from Sydney in the family’s 4.8m runabout. Dave has had a passion for fishing and just about lived on the water through various fishing boats throughout his life. Around 2006 Dave got his first kayak and fell in love with the sport of kayak fishing. It wasn’t long before he upgraded to a Hobie outback and then leapt at the chance to get into a Pro Angler. Dave fished in the first ever bream kayak tournament in Australia from his outback at the Forster Fishing carnival which the follow year turned into the ABT run Hobie sponsored kayak series.

David has been in the top ten ranked ABT kayak anglers since the tournament’s inception. Currently, he holds the record for the biggest one day bag of three bream weighing in at 4.36kg from Marlo, Victoria and he also caught the Big Bream at Marlo in 2012 where he finished second and qualified for the world titles.

Dave consistently has top ten finishes including 1st at Shoalhaven River, Twice 2nd at Marlo, 3rd at Mallacoota Vic, 3rd at Narrabeen NSW. He has qualified for the ABT and SSBS (Australian fishing series) grand finals for 2012 as well as the world championships in Texas.

David has long been a member of the Australian kayak fishing community, fishing the mighty Hawkesbury River to the north of Sydney, Brisbane Waters and Lake Macquarie Australia’s largest saltwater lake. Chasing Not only Bream but many other species like Mulloway, Hairtail, Kingfish, Flathead, Whiting, Trout, Australian Bass, Estuary Perch to name a few. Dave is in with a good show in Texas.


Jason Lambert

From: Sydney, NSW

Age: 35

Worlds Experience: 2012

Jason grew up in country town Taree. His passion for fishing started when he was very little. His pop was a very keen bait fisherman and was always taking Jason out, every opportunity they had. When Jason got older and fishing on his own around Newcastle, he discovered the world of lure fishing and he was instantly hooked.

Jason is very goal orientation and he likes to achieve the goals he sets for himself. Around 2009, he decided to move to the big smoke, Sydney, to advance his career path and look for love. He was successful in both. However it was not all smooth sailing.

For the best past of his first year and half in Sydney, he was living off two minute noodles, while saving every spare penny to buy his first Hobie Kayak. Once Jason bought his Hobie, he started entering into competition Kayak fishing. In the short time he has been competing, he has placed well on the leaderboard and has qualified for the grand finals. Soon he will representing Australia in the 2nd Hobie Fishing World Champions 2012 in November this year, after qualifying in February.


Scott Lovig

From: Mornington, Victoria

Age: 41

Worlds Experience: 2011, 2012

A life spent sailing and fishing has resulted in Scott being able to make of living as one of Hobie Cat Australasia's busiest Hobie dealers. He regularly sails a Hobie Tiger and has participated in Hobie sailing regattas all over the world.

Scott started fishing as a 10 year old kid at Marlo, which is now an Australian Hobie Kayak tournament location. He was also a local Mornington Peninsula pier rat until growing old enough to buy his own boats and take off sport fishing around Australia.

The last seven years have also seen Scott embrace kayak fishing and he has applied his competitive spirit to bream fishing tournaments. He won the very first Hobie Bream Series Grand Final and, as a result, earned a position on the Australian Fishing Championships (AFC) television series which the Ho9bie team won in 2011. Scott is the ringleader of the SLH Crew, a keen kayak fishing team that attends as many Daiwa Hobie Kayak Fishing Series rounds as possible. The team has a high success rate and is well respected among all competitive kayak anglers around Australia.

Scott competed in the 1st Daiwa Hobie Fishing World Championship in Port Macquarie NSW Australia in 2011 where he mentored USA Football legend Jackie Smith. He personally finished in the top 15 which was disappointing for such a serious and capable competitor.


Tim Maas

From: Cedarvale, QLD

Age: 35

Worlds Experience: 2012

Tim has been fishing for over 30 years and kayak fishing for the past 12 years. He started fishing with his mum, dad, brothers, sister, uncles, and cousins while growing up, you could say he comes from a fishing family. Tim has developed a strong competitive fishing nature that has now taken him into the tournament scene. He has concentrated on kayak fishing mainly in south east Queensland in both KFT & ABT tournaments.

These days he mainly fishes from his Hobie Outback. He loves the stealth approach, especially fishing top water for both Bream and Bass.

Tim's 2012 tournament record reads as follows KFT Round 3 super series 2012 @ Victoria Pt 4th place, KFT Round 4 super series 2012 @ Bribie Island 3rd place, KFT Super Series 2012 AOS 7th place, GST Gold Coast round Jul 2012 7th place and on 11th to 12th August at Bribie Island in the Queensland State titles and the final qualifying event for a place in the world championships he finished second.

Finishing 2nd in his first ABT event has now qualified Tim for the ABT Kayak Grand Final to be held on the Bemm River in Victoria after he returns from the Hobie Fishing World Championships in Texas in November.


Jason Meech

From: Gosford, NSW

Age: 31

Worlds Experience: 2011, 2012

Jason started fishing when he was just 5, off wharfs in saltwater along the NSW coast in his school holidays. The family would head to freshwater locations to catch trout and bass where Jason used lures for the first time. From that first day it was all about lure and fly fishing for Jason. Taking what he learnt from the freshwater, he started chasing bream and has spent the last 20 years obsessed with catching bream.

Jason has competed in the Australian bream tournament for the last 3 years taking a number of wins and countless number of top ten finishes. He joined the Hobie fishing team at the start of the 2010 season and quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with by taking second place in round two of the Daiwa Hobie Fishing Series at Narrabeen (NSW). He again claimed a second place at St Georges Basin (NSW), with fourth at Bemm River (Vic). Jason has earned the title of Mr Consistency in the Australian Bream series. He finally cracked a number one spot and his second Boss Hog Big Bream (biggest fish of the tournament) at the Scamander round fishing against AFC competitors Tristan Taylor and Scott Lovig. From there Jason continued his fine form securing a third place at Marlo and then hit the number one spot again at the Camden Haven round on the NSW mid north coast, the location of the first worlds.

In 2011 Jason was ranked 2nd on the Australian Daiwa Hobie Kayak Bream Series rankings. He was invited to compete in the 1st Daiwa Hobie Fishing World Championship in Port Macquarie NSW Australia in 2011 where he finished a close 2nd to Scott Baker who pipped Jason by only 60 grams to secure world title. Bass and the freshwater lakes of Texas will be a real test of Jason’s extensive skills and knowhow.


Matt Petrie

From: Rosebud, Vic

Age: 45

Worlds Experience: 2011, 2012

Matt started fishing (mostly land based) at the age of 5 at the family holiday spot in Waratah Bay, South Gippsland, Victoria. He spent his teenage years dedicated to playing football then followed by family and work commitments, fishing had to take a back seat. Matt moved to the Mornington Peninsula in 2006, which re-ignited his passion for fishing. He discovered kayak fishing in 2008 and quickly became addicted.

Matt competed in the 1st Daiwa Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championships in Port Macquarie NSW Australia in 2011 where he eventually finished 7th but landed the largest fish of the tournament a 1.05kg bream.

Matt has competed in the Australia wide Daiwa Hobie Kayak Fishing Series from 2009 to 2011. He qualified for the 2nd Hobie Fishing World Championship by winning the world’s qualifier round of the Daiwa Hobie Kayak Series on St Georges Basin in southern New South Wales early in 2012.


Richard Somerton

From: Melbourne, Vic

Age: 40

Worlds Experience: 2011, 2012

Richard has a photo of himself at age 3 holding up a kilo Rainbow Trout that I caught on without any assistance. Soyou would have to say that he started fishing at a very young age! He grew up on the Murray River fishing whenever he could and sometimes he would even hit the river bank for a few casts before school.

Fishing is now his obsession and Richard will try his hand at all types and techniques of angling. Fly fishing being is currently his favourite technique in both fresh and salt water.

He started fishing out of a kayak about 8 years ago. It was a little Perception “dolphin” with a sounder and a fish bin on the back. But, it opened a whole new world when he moved up to his first Hobie (outback) and started fishing the Bream comps 2 years ago.

Since then he has been travelling around Oz fishing the comps and meeting some great people along the way. I qualified for the worlds at the Victorian Nelson round of the Daiwa Hobie Kayak Fishing Series at the start of the year and have been looking forward to the Worlds in the USA ever since.


Kevin Winchester

From: Chittaway Bay, NSW

Age: 36

Worlds Experience: 2011, 2012

Kevin has been competitive kayak fishing for bream for over 4 years. He was a Hobie dealer for 7 years and in the Hobie arena for 18 years. Bream is Kevin's thing and he is an astute angler with a great feel for any species of fish.

He competed in the 1st Daiwa Hobie Fishing World Championship in Port Macquarie NSW Australia in 2011. He headed home to the weigh in on day one of the championship alongside Jose Chavez from the USA who was holding two great fish in his Hobie livewell. Kev encouraged Jose on the trip back that he still had a chance to get a "full bag". He pointed out some spots for Chavez to cast into around a series of oyster racks. Jose pulled in a fish that enabled him to lead the world championship on day one of the world titles partly due to the encouragement and experience "Big Kev" was willing to share with a competitor.

Kevin Winchester, the guy with the big heart, ended up finishing in 3rd place only 90 grams behind the winner. This was personally a sensational effort for Kev and his willingness to share his knowledge and experience a great example of the camaraderie that typified the 1st Hobie Fishing World Championship in Australia.