Team Singapore

Mervin Low

From: Singapore

Age: 44

Worlds Experience: 2011, 2012

Mervin started fishing at the age of 15. Living in a small apartment, he would take his books to study by the river bank while waiting for "dinner" to take the bait. He is now a passionate kayak angler and an active promoter the sports within South East Asia.

Mervin has been kayak fishing since August 2009 in the fish rich waters around Singapore. His claims his biggest achievement is a huge Sailfish he caught from his Hobie i9. He has the photos to prove it and many more of great catches that he has landed of late. Mev is a regular Facebook using and constantly posts some brilliant images of his regular large, deep sea catches.

Since competing in the 1st Daiwa Hobie Fishing World Championship in Australia Mervin has promoted the sport of kayak fishing in Singapore and due to his efforts the numbers of competitive and recreational kayak angles is swelling at a fantastic rate. He loves his Hobie i9 but sells the full Hobie range to buyers throughout the island nation. This enthusiastic and exuberant character could well and truly be labeled the father of Singapore’s kayak fishing fraternity, not due to his age, but because of what he has done for the sport in his homeland. If you come across a super enthusiastic, excited, extroverted Singaporean at the worlds in Texas, that’s most likely the affable Merv. Don’t be deluded, Merv really does know how to catch big fish.


Johnson Lee

From: Singapore

Age: 38

Worlds Experience: 2012

Lee started kayak fishing about 3 years ago and he has become a massive fan of kayak angling. He is a proud owner of the Hobie i9s in which he is found in on most weekends on the waters off Singapore. Johnson has a friendly, easy going and humble personality and well-liked by the local fishing community.

Johnson Lee is a hardworking, determined and sharp kayak angler. He has over 20 years of fishing experience and has fished from Australia to the Maldives to South East Asia and in his younger days almost crafted out a career as a semi-professional fishing guide.

He is looking forward to a new milestone in his fishing "career" and proud to be part of this prestigious event as a representative of Singapore.