Team Sth Korea

Name: Taekyung Lee(TK)

From: Daegu City

Age: 38

Worlds Experience: 2011, 2012

TK has been fishing for freshwater fish since he was 14. He teaches sustainable architecture design in Kyungpook National University in South Korea and while he is teaching about sustainability, he is also interested in sustainable fishing and is a big fan of catch and release. He bought a Hobie Outback kayak and has 4 years of sea kayak fishing experience. TK now also has a Hobie Tandem Island kayak and considers himself an expert at jigging. At the moment he is particularly enjoying introducing his young son to the sport of kayak fishing in their Hobie Mirage Tandem Island.

TK represented South Korea in the first worlds in Port Macquarie in Australia in 2011. He was unfamiliar with the type of fishing required to target bream and made the most of the mentoring system and pre fish days to adjust his rig and techniques. He constantly asked questions of Aussie anglers who were willing to share their knowledge and took back to South Korea a wealth of knowledge, invaluable experience and lasting friendships. In America the questions will continue to come.