Team Great Britain

Name: Ian "Dizzyfish" Harris

From: Bath, UK

Age: 43

Ian has been a fisherman for as long as he can remember. As a child, he used to fish with his father on his boat. As he grew older he became more and more addicted to fishing. He mainly concentrated on shore fishing for over 30 years, and fished in the Channel Islands, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England. Ian use to particularly enjoy lure and fly fishing in both rivers and lakes. But when he tried kayak fishing 6 years ago he was immediately hooked and has remained so ever since. Now, all his fishing is performed exclusively from the kayak, when he is not working, you will find him fishing the seas, lakes and rivers in and around the stunning counties of Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and Somerset.

Ian runs a successful kayak fishing website specialising in reviews of kayak fishing tackle. I also manage a UK kayak fishing facebook group, and a kayak fishing Youtube channel. A year ago, he wrote a FREE guide to Kayak Fishing which has brought thousands of newcomers into this great sport – "I love it!" says Dizzy.


Name: David Morris

From: Lindford, UK

David took a break from fishing in his teens once he discovered girls but rediscovered his passion whilst sea fishing on holiday with his family.

On one such holiday he noticed guys turning up at the beach with small SinK Kayaks, they were being secretive, disappearing off to the horizon and returning with carriers full of fish, all caught on hand lines! On his return home he surfed the web for information about fishing from kayaks and saw that the guys in the USA had it nailed! 12 months later he was kayak fishing and was born, bringing kayak fishing to the UK, that was back in 2003 and since then AnglersAfloat has grown into one of the leading kayak fishing sites in the UK.

David has been lucky enough to have had a lot of help from the industry with AnglersAfloat, fishing for a team for 9 years until the distribution was halted earlier this year. The team allowed him to fish in the Channel Islands and while in the USA at the Jacksonville Classic in 2010 he found out why dark green isn’t an ideal colour for a kayak in Florida, where he made a lot of friends with the local gators!

David loves tournament fishing, he loves the planning, the pressure to catch and move on, wondering how friends are doing, where to find the next fish. Technique wise, he’ll fish any method depending on the conditions and target species, but loves his European Bass fishing during the summer months and Pike fishing during the winter.

Kayak fishing has introduced him to many new friends from all parts of the world, he loves the openness of the people, everyone is always keen to help others and ensure that they catch fish and enjoy their new hobby, there is no other sport like it.

He is happy that his kids are now getting involved and love to fish, either from the kayak, beach or river bank. And David hopes they will be proud of their dad’s efforts representing the United Kingdom at the 2012 Hobie Fishing World Championships in Texas.


Name: Rob Appleby

From: Hampshire, UK

Rob grew up in the North East of England where he was introduced to fishing at the age of five. Within a few years he was a regular on the beach scene, though the the decline of UK fish stocks over the next few years severely impacted his enthusiasm for the sport.

His military postings have seen him move around the UK, though in the late 90’s he settled in the South of the UK. After experiencing some very poor beach angling he transitioned to kayak fishing in 2007. Since then he’s clocked up hundreds of trips on the water, both day and night. As much as he fishes various locations around the UK whenever possible, he concentrates his efforts in the South West where the tides and fishing can be quite extreme.

Earlier this year he enjoyed a taste of kayak fishing in the USA and he’s eager to come back and sample some more!