Team Canada

Nathan Bull

From: Ontario, Canada


Worlds Experience: 2012

Nathan’s hunger for the outdoors is what introduced him in to kayak fishing. As a child, he would go backwoods camping and canoeing in the vast province of Ontario with his father. For over a decade Nathan worked as a general contractor in construction so he didn’t have much time to camp or fish, but a few years ago, he rediscovered how much fun it was and got back in to it in a strong way. He didn’t have a boat, so would borrow his sisters kayak, and a few months later after having a lot of fun on the water, he bought his own kayak and rigged it out just for fishing.

Now Nathan is trying to spread the joy of kayak fishing to as many people as possible through creating kayak fishing videos on youtube. He has caught many species of fish from his kayak, but he has a clear favorite: "I love to catch all species of fish, but if I had to pick one, it would be brook trout."


Ashley Rae

From: Ontario, Canada

Age: 27

Worlds Experience: 2012

Ashley was introduced to fishing at age 5 by a family friend. She fished recreationally throughout her life, then in 2008 started to take things more seriously and get heavily involved in the fishing community.

She started by joining a B.A.S.S. fishing club, and from there began participating in tournaments and volunteering at kids events in order to introduce children to the sport. She began promoting her passion for fishing though her blog and connecting with anglers around the world through several social networking outlets, which gained her a large following.

Ashley is a multi-species angler who loves fishing all different styles, but she says 'there's nothing quite like getting towed by fish in my Hobie!'