Team Finland

Nina Kavon

From: Finland

Age: 27

Worlds Experience: 2012

Nina (Ninni) has been fishing as long as she remembers with a huge interest in all kinds of fishing having been passed down to her by her family. Like most people, at first fishing was just a hobby but very soon it also became her job and nowadays it is sometimes impossible for her to try to separate these two parts of her life.

Ninni more often than not fishes in the archipelagos of the Finnish Gulf, changing her target fish species and technics by the season.

One of her biggest ambitions is to fly fish for pike from the flotation tube. Kayak fishing is her latest discovery and she is enjoying every moment of learning this new type of fishing. A proud Fin Ninni is also proud to be one of the two first women ever to compete in the Hobie Fishing World Championships, a member of the first team to represent Finland and the first ever all female team. Watch out you guys!


Henna Honkanen

From: Finland


This girls life is all about fly fishing and mastering the fly line to perfection with the double-handed fly rod is her passion! She is seen every year on the mighty river Gaula in Norway as well as on the other European salmon rivers where she fly fishes for the Atlantic salmon and sea trout.

Fishing from the float tube or kayak provides a bunch of advantages both for her coastline and inland fishing for the early and late season pearch, zander and the Finnish giant pike. Motto: Explore the world and always be a rookie on something!